Traditional music is just one aspect of a remarkable journey that has taken this nomadic spirit far from her native land, onward into film, performance art, electronica,  free improvisation,  dance and world music. En route, she’s collaborated with musicians as diverse as drummer Hamid Drake, saxophonists Evan Parker, Ned Rothenberg, Kang Tae Hwan and duduk master Djivan Gasparian, contributing her unique synthesis of shamanism, Siberian folklore  and Buddhist ritual, allied to extended vocal techniques.
Her earliest musical experiences were of khoomei, the extraordinary overtone singing  practised throughout Tuva and other parts of Central Asia, and through which as many as four harmonically related pitches are fashioned simultaneously from one voice. If khoomei is the heart of Tuvan music, then this is the place to which she returns in intimate solo performance. Evocative and mystical, she summons the spirits of court singers and shamans, transporting herself back to The Steppes, and inviting you on her deeply personal journey.

Discography of Sainkho Namtchylak’s albums

1987- “Krugozor” additional soft LP, compilation “Melodies of Northen Lights” 1990 – “DOCUMENT, vol.V” – Leo Records, UK
1991 – “Tunguska- guska” – Eine Meteoriten-Oper, EFA-Schneeball, Germany 1991 -“Lost Rivers” solo voice improvisation- FMP CD42, Germany
1991 – „When the sun is out…“-FMP CD 38-Berlin
1991- “Octet- Ost“ with Christian Muthspiel- Amadeo , Austria
1992 -“Marsias Song“ with Mattias Ziegler,Mark Dresser- Zürich, Switzerland 1992 „Puls“ with Michael Sivert-Dizzi Essentials DE 002, Germany
1993 – “Live” Kang Tae Hwan and Sainkho – F.I.N. Record, Japan

1993 – “Out Of Tuva” songs- Crammed World, Belgium

1993 – “Letters” – Experimental voice pieces, Leo Records, UK
1993 -„Expos Jazz &Joy“-Ver Abra records (any vBr21228), Germany 1993 – “Mixing it” Chill out Label/ London, (CHILL CD004)
1993- “Synergetics Phonomanie III” 2CDs )Leo Records LR239 1994-“Dancing on the Island” Irene Becker and Sainkho DOCD 5147 1994- “The First Take” Biosintes + Sainkho FMP 80,Berlin, Germany 1995 -“Live at City Garden” M.C.O. and Sainkho – U-Sound, Moscow 1995- J.Rose “Techno mit Storungen” (Plag Dich Nicht CD002)
1996 – “Mars song” Sainkho with Evan Parker- Leo Records, UK

1996 – “Amulet” Sainkho with Ned Rothenberg- Leo Records , UK 1996 – “An Italian Love Affair”M.C.O. and Sainkho – Leo Records, UK

1997 – “The Gift”M.C.O. and Sainkho – Long Arms Records,Russia
1994- „The performance art unit subway performance“-Granit Records, Austria 1997 -“Let Peremsky Dream’ M.C.O. and Sainkho – Leo Records, UK

1997 – “Time Out” – seven songs for Tuva- Ponderosa Music and Art, Italy

1998 – “Naked Spirit ” voicing meditations-Amiata Records, Italy 1998 – “Kharms-10 Incidents” Long Arms Records,Russia

1999 – “Temenos” film music- Leo Records, UK
1999 – “Voci in Viagio” Amiata, UNITA, Italy
2000 – “Stepmother City” songs Ponderosa Music and Art, Italy
2001 „Homo Sonorus-International Antology of Sound Poetry“ vol IV-Russia 2001 – “Aura” Ponderosa Music and Art, Italy
2001-“El Lebrijano- Lagrimas de Cera” CD, EMI, Internatinal
2001- “Harmonices Mundi”-C.Muthspiel Blue Denube, Austria
2002- “Naked Spirit-Dance Remixes 12” Sun Generation Records, SC 019 2002- “Golden Years of the Soviet New Jazz”
2003 – “Who Stole The Sky”songs – Ponderosa Music and Art , Italy
2005 – “Arzhaana” musical fairy tale – Asia Plus Records , Russia
2005 -“Forgotten streets of St.Petersburg” with “Tri-O”-Leo Records, UK
2005- “Karmaland” add to the book “Karmaland” by LiberoDiscrivere, Italy
2007- “Tuva-Irish live music project”with Roy Karrol- Leo Records, UK 2007-“Nomad”- best works by Sainkho, dedicated to 50 universary- Leo Records 2008-“Intrance”acoustic duo with Jarrod Gagwin- Leo Records, UK 2008-“Mother-Earth! Father-Sky!” Jaro Records, Germany,
2009-“Portret of an Idealist” M.C.O. fit Sainkho- Leo Records, UK
2009-“Tea Opera”electronics with Dickson Dee- Leo Records, UK
2010-“Not quite songs” electro acoustic with Nick Sudnik- Leo Records, UK 2010-“Terra”Wolfgang Puchnig, Paul Urbanek- Leo Records, UK
2010- “Simply Live” compilation of live songs, Tree Music, Beijing, China 2011-“Syberia” solo voice- Ponderosa Music and Art, Italy
2013- “Go to Tuva” Sainkho & Garlo, Bordeaux, France
2016-“Like a bird or spirit, not the face” Ponderosa Music and Art, Milano, Italy 2017- “SainkhoKosmos-Live at cafe OTO” december 2017, London, UK