Traditional music is just one aspect of a remarkable journey that has taken this nomadic spirit far from her native land, onward into film, performance art, electronica,  free improvisation,  dance and world music. En route, she’s collaborated with musicians as diverse as drummer Hamid Drake, saxophonists Evan Parker, Ned Rothenberg, Kang Tae Hwan and duduk master Djivan Gasparian, contributing her unique synthesis of shamanism, Siberian folklore  and Buddhist ritual, allied to extended vocal techniques.

Her earliest musical experiences were of khoomei, the extraordinary overtone singing  practised throughout Tuva and other parts of Central Asia, and through which as many as four harmonically related pitches are fashioned simultaneously from one voice. If khoomei is the heart of Tuvan music, then this is the place to which she returns in intimate solo performance. Evocative and mystical, she summons the spirits of court singers and shamans, transporting herself back to The Steppes, and inviting you on her deeply personal journey.



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